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Monday, October 29, 2012


I dont sleep much
nor well
it has nothing to do with fish scale
or private hells
just an air matressess.
carless actor
half-ass poet.
ghost like todo,poof,up in smoke
coast to coast
low pro
dont talk much
im not involved in lush brushs like rush
I dont have a lot of time for dribble.
all it is //is hush-hush.
scribbles and pen strokes for this bloake moaning
flail of syllabus,
composed of smoke & a few nights in a jail house
i think it has somthing to do with failing now
im tired of my hands at rest
i need more scars
more burns
more tests
lordy lord the herds are marching to slaughter
i feel otherworldly at hours
lack there of
the over whelming lust for knowledge
all crushed
long bearded man-child
driving at top gear on a motorizedhover-bike.
david icke.
half hour power outage
brain circuts circus
I think im into belly dancers & isolated train
compartments with fine cigars and catered diner cars.
submerged memories;crumbled pages of memoirs
battle scars so hideous they need beauty marks
star charts
dark arts
mirrors for line division
night vision
& the way she walks alone in the park
unafraid of sharks
I mumble out sparks,I see stars
she been abucted by aliens before
"god damn"
I say
"what exactly was it you saw?"
she rambles on
until she can barely talk
we both havent walked in moments
so my dead legs burn as I try to adjust
I can feel it in my SOUL that this took all her
but adjusted truth,proven fact
& doubt
I was out of things to do
I never controled anything,why should I be able to
for you
I'd do anything
splatter my brains in revolutionary tales for decades
until they become
that becomes myth
& the sands of time wash it away...
I never wanted to be anything,and look at me now,I'm exactly that
except with the stroke of a pen,
& the right shake of a hand that could all
its all spin,until rent cant come up again
but thats why I have friends who dont know my kin
now & again
I'll lend a helping hand to uphold a sentence
Ill never serve one
unless I plan it.
finish him,rings in my head as I walk threw the valley of death
...I wish this was one of those for 'instances'
or all for divedends
but again
I stress
Its just the paranoia I live in
at least I admit it,
never let it get all in
because once you lose sight
it could all

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