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Saturday, October 6, 2012


patiently waiting on a pole shift
on the highlands in the middle of this continent
pensive & retracted...keeping my mouth zipped
& you still wonder why I get lit.
vomit spit threw rusty nails and snaggle tooths
to buy time and solidify truths
these people can BUY YOU
but thats of this world,
the only doom I speak truths too comes from hevean
a safe haven for wes cravens with X cravings
as long as their love lamp is on


like the gold they need us to be mining

hold up...

Im trying.

to not give to much away,because these day to days dont have equal wages
to keep me life expectancy as high as most of these arrogant bastards think
complacency gets boys beheaded,and women undressed and tossed into vile pits
full of vultures & wolves with a fetish for perky tits
getting spent out on cashed out dreams,high beams cutting threw solar eclipses

solid proof

that were being lied too...I bet you know more about celebrities then how the moon effects tides

how brothers & sisters are dying...simply because of mining rights

land disputes.

We've ruined this planet

so im ready to be on Nibiru

the tenth rock in our solar system on introverted trajectory orbit

that only our culture scoffs at...

so as I study ancient texts,watch the skies and manifest...I understand the subtle workings of the universe

and am steadfast

that its all out of my hands.

fuck im doin talkin bout pineal glands
ancient ways of sumerians
aint nothin wrong with a righteous man

thats why I had to write this man


I guess you can call me soul brother number



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