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Thursday, October 11, 2012


asleep on a trapeeze desire,but home...however that comes.

ignited insight on coast to coast flights
high times in pressurized cabins
blabbering about factions and how WE see it happen
keep the needle seated in a full and up right position
if the emergency lights come on
just pray,
weve already been left speechless by the gleams of cities beneath us
teaching reason to the passenger weve been seated next
those seedy bastards
bashful and full of sport
worth a full night of drinking & carolling
door to door in the early morn
the horn sections of our favorite jazz numbers
so the norms know we stew
like sewage under neon streets
a misma of a million sheep
all discussing similar topics
like who they'd fuck
& where to eat.
moon after moon.
I need meat
raw solid facts,logic that set me up for traps
gasp, grasp my nads & spray
this is doomsday
im only surviving off relentless nosebleeds and K
cat tranquilizers for those who are estranged
claim tags keep me bracing for the worst
"...slammed into the side of building then burned..."
rubble collected from my soul is I tumble threw written words
mumble out my own eulogy
watch the night sky burn
I live on a planet with two suns
& I too am a
son...forged of pain & trust.
coupled with extensive brain damage due to drugs
the reason I claim to be a DR & perscribe myself medication.

We've all got a lot to be thankful for

were all on the doorstep of death.


faint stare
fair is cheered when careless pains embaress the
spare me the quaint/melodramatic
quips used to
a reality inside of a dream,careened vessel
inside of a never ending cycle/
it would seem
no interuptions,no assumptions//interceptions.
just 100 percent affection and consumpution
the key word to my ascension
the main reason for my


that and triple beams//jesus/allah/vishnu/jim
PLEASE///spare me
the rest of the century is baring down on me like pyramids with eye lids
its rather careless of ye oldtimers to leave it as it
to not see how these assanine limitations affect me.
clean break
speed date dump session,regretfully
its like taking a rhinoscerous to the midsection say the least
a roll of the dice
but sheesh...
its just the nature of the
the beast inside of me says its time to
but my feet are glued to the
so when options are
what do we
feeding frenzys at dennys with plenty of whip cream and bondage
it sounds so wrong but in a way redundant & at strong peace
my pundents are repugnent and handle no trust funds
because my trustafarian brothers have all moved on from this lawn
a grassy knoll where I watch minds blow
nose goes on this last pirate mission//before we set up retirment homes for 26 year olds
the main vision
gain intrest,speer doubt
let our intrest gain hourly and let no fear in our mouth
my soul is from the south
my body is in the mount
count me in on saving this country from extenction
I know im not the only patriot breathing
the only seasoned vetran teeming
with excitment to gt back out on the feild and ignite
i preach about enlightnment
because its what I need to combat the establishment
the revolving door prison/military industry complex we find ourselves
young men
hell bent
come,come/hush my son
if god so wanted to judge,they too would be punished
brush them aside
and pray wildy for the rest of your months
let flow the rascals
let flow the cunts.
rush to the tunnels to sleep soundly and soft
the moment to battle has
I see it in the souls of my sisters
father forgive those who do not understand whats coming
the writing is on the wall and is rather unbecoming
but money
will always breed enemies...
so we feed that head...until it begs and begs and begs
to be deceased
in a sentence...
my days consist of consent\
exhibitional inhibitions without discipline
either,stipulations become consistent
or bodies become dividends
this is sin
written as if time had no gimmicks
and my intrinsic wits were limitless if my quantum physics were mimicked
subsequently reinjected like stimulus
let us pause for minutes
reflect on how eclectic and checkered my past can get
I start trapping and changing the climate

because I am who I am.

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