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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I once loathed how cold blooded I had become
now I'm bored from the sound of the war drums
I feel the stranglehold of "too big to fail" corporations
they've stationed themselves at the top of the key
we're boxed out underneath
taking heat
itd take magic to get us back to the bleachers.
teachers,nurses,fireman,post workers
throw them in the blender then toast to their hard work
you choke on your gold and rubys
Ill smear my face with the dirt...upholding my fore fathers duties
this earth was meant to mold
not on grand scales but on your own particular road
take root
follow threw
whats done is done...truth is truth
proof that what we do day to day dosent define
think we are...the bars are raised
your just at bars trying to get laid
Im on the grind trying to get paid
because a day where I dont collect funds is a waste of a day
plus its not about the monitary aspirations
its only tools so this dream isnt an aberration
to many of you fools are caught up in dividends
and ways to spend the money you havent even gotten yet
its pretty sad that you say you fight the system
when your a main supporter of it
fitted caps,ripped up pants
trying to fit a round peg into a square head
round up the troops,
Im goin all in...servin up scoops to prove im loose with expenditures
but not unwise in the universe.
lurid landscape portaits with my girls as they smoke on the porch
the sunset hits off the glasses of jim
showering technicolor prisims on the front yard and the windows
this is my crescendo

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