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Thursday, June 16, 2011


at the center of a universe

worked over mornings so loose

she too believed life was a garden

it smealt like honey as the sun bloomed

her glass eyes sparkeled like gems as we sat around digital light

indian style...

puffing cannabis out of gravity devices

we spoke of what we speak as truths.

my soul settled

the rain collected and wrestled upon the window lips

cold cut by space heaters

soundtracked by leaves and wind infused

I need another moment beside her

Winter smoke defrosts threw our warm affectionate tones

there are so many things I wish I could sing

so many pictures in our small time line im entrigued by

I sewed my soul back together in a transparent wishing well

smiling like rivals engauged in mutual scorn

sparring the days like chest peices they play

I only pray when I sleep

she sits at the top of the pyramid temple on the river of technicolor

my constant dreamspcape

the sun is a giant diamond that shoots prisims of light over dark forest shrubbery

at the bottem of a sprawling major metro thouroughfare

inbetween the dancing skeletons and rose bushes

I have built a cottage there

stain glass windows and LBs of hasish.

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