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Monday, June 13, 2011

rolling in the grass

fixtrues of the community
littered blisters on each inch of the skin they had so delicatly worn
standing on an overutned ant pile she took on the form
of the queen
mourn the stages she had bore
born from the wages of train station fees and flight coupons at conveince whore
we wore down the defense
the train kept thrusting
and the whistleing wailed over the morning

it was chrisp,dimmy lit,everything was covered in dew.

the stationary bodies were convincing enoug to pursue
pursuadeded by truency the army lost each platoon
more and more I grew enraged but accepted it and most hold true
slowly plotting empending doom
over cocktails of ice water and lime juice
this brain chemistry was to the point of obscurity
nothing more was needed to screw
grew up.

We also slept more and more

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