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Monday, June 13, 2011


Tomfoolery is nothing new to me
I dig and dash ruthlessly
I scam and claw fluidly
sparked by old diamonds in stone

impressions of progression
reckless listless stretching
speaking in tounges as we discuss ways to meet our doom

she smiles over her milkshake
her poodle dress scrapes my leg

I think Im in love.

Holding hands in bombing raids
her hopeless bats make her tears foxtrot from her eyelashes
hostel realities of a hideious colamity
this whole island is mimicing an anchor decent to a bay

catatomic hand relays
foot in mouth union addresses
mixed feelings on tourute methods

the sun supernovas
but she whispers your a blessing

I think this second lets the universe fall to place.

Peices storm into combustion
blankets of stars have a waltz in a classy fashion
rotations are placed into fashionable puzzle places
fashioned peices of captial investments infractions

we slowly twist and turn to the sounds of capital
new places to rest our strewn
blooming into new realities

the ocean zeniths from the frontol lobe
our speech are rich with nutrients

her eyes sparkle wildly as we dance in orbit around our destiny

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