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Thursday, June 9, 2011


brain damage at the camp for the swine
crossbows,laserbeams and tools of the trade
whos envading who ?
bannana leaves,virgins and straw huts thrown togetger
most of the party was strewn up amongst the debree
I did the ratchet,simotaneiously scalping everyone in this scene
post apocolyptic veiws
down by the river quarry
a place where querys were a bloom
the quiet theory about revolvers
were they were a quick end to veiws
all colors,all suits.
some values
No true act followed the end of the womb
her last child was drowned in order to pay dues
gloom and how the changes daze
days counted by skeletons of youth
loose is the way we love
scattered is the way we use
her eyes told stories of me
my lips turned to poetry in relif
the greif now churns in dreams
i need peace,but war is just a stomp of the feet
but defeat is what I laugh about
because it only requires small victories
but after tonight when the moon is lonely
Ill shine my sun,
and her vibes will comfort me

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