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Monday, June 27, 2011


the only risk was Apocalypse
who can argue with that?
gaff structures built on statues of pharohs past
worship done with psychotropic paths
nessiciarily not meant for those who dont want to understand
each has questions
each have answers.
class acts all around the room with wooing words of wisdom peppered in fractiles
for some reason I didnt trust everyone
but i listened and simmered
smashed more moonshine
down threw the jack rabbit crevice.
antlers sprout out of this mouth I used to use to
old fashioned friends unfreightend of a sonic bloom
unaware more so.
Big stares from full glares as bright as a new moon
slewed words,large women with gargantuain glittery brains
brews splashing as we toast to the ghosts we prayed haunted us to this day.
long walks in hill country brush warms this lone soul to the lost art of being alone
truly & fully
enjoying oneself
their about the only one who sticks around besides the fading light of the nebulas.
Ive traveled to far to have this dagger in this pocket
but to trust no one is to be lacking in humility
regardless of these dagger teeth
thy eyes dream!
thine brain seeks.

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