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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


spilt cunt for the movie front
we were tossing drugs underneath her nose for love
her eyes were as bright as skylines
my interstate was devoid of white lines

Million broken dreams
impaled on syringes
Long sleeve summer in the city
bubblin spoons
and cotton fever
God's calling collect
but i clicked the reciever

onto the seizures
convulsions threw conversation about road rules procedures
real world grimey bliss in the misma that is a speak easy
in a modern sense ive beaten it
but in dreams you never can
cigarette butts dance from beyond your lips
Watch the city turn to ashes

third eye residual visuals
or you can call em flashbacks
from the time Spent
trapped inside a crack sacks
living out of backpacks
straining cigarette butts
out of the next morning 40 bottoms
so I didn't waste brew

ressin hits from the bow
residue from the crevices of this debit card i never use
the truth is most of the cash were after are in these warn out shoes
but...ill help you look for it...

Double knotted
so I don't get took for it
5 stack blisters
on the toes
from stepping

on dead presidents

with no residence

pestilence for the new youth glows
its beautiful today,even tomorrow
then its supernova
lines of thinly crushed stardust

lining an entire generations

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