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Saturday, September 4, 2010

penguin fights bear;wins.

sleeping in the mountains with the winters breath on my lips. I speak easy,as if not to cut too many necks. Sleep deeply my friends,for in the morning there will be warnings. Terror rages from so many forefronts,more so than not;poetry is alarming,simply because its lost its lust for flesh. Love of lies,connecting the dots,only to have them spell out :goodnight. Its almost boring,until you realize the truth;that companies bare the all seeing eye(its a pyramid scheme). I musent say to much,for fear the wolves will dine on my spine,how ever hard it is,its always connected to my nerve center;pumping commands and releasing d.m.t,as I fall victim to what the media will deem "an accidental tragedy." Not that I'am afraid,i just need to plant some seeds,or my future family members will fall victim to a flesh eating disease. Im building a bunker,one the helicopters cant see,one where I will train children to fight for freedom,instead of dying for currency. and as im castrated for my belifs, the planets will allign and mark the end of the night. Out of no where,here comes the sun.

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