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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Band Of The Week:Cheeseburger Of The Month

Well,this is the first instalment of band of the week since,September 2005.Tittle asked me to bring it back so I did. Besides I'm out of booze and cigarettes,so I might as well. This weeks band is "The Soft Pack",just a few years ago known as the "Muslims." Lame they changed their name,but their style remains the greatness it is. West coast "Strokes", with their best track (in my opinon they all kick ass.) but "extinction" is from the Muslim days,and the tune that made me love this band.

I had started the unsigned band of the week,which I can do all over the place thanks to the miracle of technology. This week is my man Randy's "Carnivores". Straight Denver underground brutality. Randy shreds with the best of them,

Now,the moment Ive been waiting to write about. My main love and obsession,the almighty beef and cheese combo. When you want a good burger,three things stick out in my mind:
1. Meat
I have to have quailty from these three positons at all time. If one overtakes another,it can really save the burger. Thats what happened to Walk in Burger,a beautifuly crafted,delecious wheat bun,flavored with everything you'd excpect from an american burger. Our cheese,and home grown vegtables. The sweet potato fries that came with it are exquisite,I found myself eating them like they were going extinct. A hard menu to navigate and the need to devour the burger before it got to cold,were the only drawbacks. But then again,I love stuffing a huge burger down my throat.

I'll give it three Chris Benoit's out of 4.


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