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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baskteball! Hrumph! I'am a devoted Dallas fan. All sports,any sport;as long as its from my metroplex. I could talk to you about how the Mavericks did well this offseason,by remain whom they are. I could talk about the Cowboys,and how they need to open up the running game;Jason Garrett is underutilizing the strength of a three back system. I could explain my fears of the Rangers Vs. The Yanks,and how Tampa Bay should match up...but I wont. I simply cannot for the pure fact I'am living in Denver. As I sit in this beautiful city,I realize and relish and what a magneficent time in SPORTS I'am here. Sure Elways gone(you woulden't know this if you asked patrons on the street seeing as how he is GOD here.) but the loley donkeys are not that bad,and in a position to possibly make it to the playoffs. The Rockies have finally slipped,but a solid number 2 (who can win on the road) and a few tweeks to the bullpen and a restrcutre of "the Toddfather" should make them into contintion..and for god sakes the Thuggets are only two years removed from the western confrence finals!

All that being said,and well pushed to the side,the NUGGS are DEAD! A few weeks ago 'Melo (Top 5 best player in the NBA) decided he couldent stand being mile high,or rather LaLa,wasnt diggin it. Sure its a large market,being that it is pretty much the only large city in about a six state radius. Sure they have some good players (though ego prone) and one of the better front courts in the league (though still not as sexy as a Meg White sex tape...which isnt really that sexy in the first place.) Sure they didn't add anyone to the mix,except ol' Al Harrington who often forget hes shoots a low percentage from three-land;who also plays relativly the same position. It makes you why a superstar would want to leave here? Sure Stan Kronke bought the Rams,and bestowed the team to his son Josh,who according to MY sources think 'Melos a douche and who cares,because even if the team goes south,Josh has got his long game in mind (apparently Golf takes presidence over basketball..which I can agree with.) So yeah why would you break the Nugg's apart? Well if the sarcasim isnt evident,then I scincerly apologize. The time to begin breaking this team apart is now,and from what I've been reading,as a Mavericks fan,I love these rumors. I do,however,hate seeing the heartbreak on my C.O. comrads...this disbelif in their eyes. It reminds me of the day Nash left home,hard but nessicary to move up in the world. With this big of heart,and the basketball knowledge to boot,I feel as though I should play GM,just to bring this city some hope...its about to snow soon.
SO we all know what the Nets trade would bring (Favors,Picks,Kirlinko via. Jazz) OK thats all fine and dandy. Hope for the future,a year of over spending to release two more million off the cap from the AK. Well thats good and all,but overspending a crime in these economic times. Even with the raw talent and two future first round (forseeable lottery picks) I feel as though in 'Melos case at least,he could go be more succesful sooner. The Nuggets,also by exploring that trade,have informed the rest of the team,his head first,yours next. The signing of Al was really for help with Kenyon during his recovery,and now hes sliding down to 3 so this "KID" can start,and then subsquently lose his job to the highest paid player on the team,or take that said players spot. Midseason controversy looms. So the smartest thing would be to package Kenyon,Smith and Melo (roughly about 30 million in salary) if feesable. Now the smartest trade I've come up with would be to indiana for Granger,Hibbert and (Rolle,Hansbrough) and Foster. Stars align,money is right,but whats wrong? Indianapolis is not a mecca of culture. Since Melo seems hell bent on the fartest of the east coast (because illadlphia wont even do) it looks like the Nuggs would have to bite the bullet. No team is giving up those kinds of players for a year...not now at least. Here where the options arise. The Knicks,where 'Melo "wants (needs)" to be have an exciting assortment of young peices. Danillo Gallarani is the next Dirk,only hes thicker and has the ability to become,well possibly an MVP. His intagibals for rebounding,scoring and running the paint from a four position are legit. Anthony Randolph,was held in check by Nolan Dennis when we were in high school,Nolan actually got a quadruple double on him (Nolan plays for the Baylor Bears,and should get some real playing time this season,so watch out) but that game didn' faze LSU,nor did it faze the NBA concseus mind when he was drafted fourteenth overall in '08. His potential as a 6'10,do everything forward is limitless,and in highschool and college scored the ball at will,soon as he left the GSW,his potential rose leaps and bounds.( Nellie,former Mavs coach,was his in GS. He was in the dog house,and ask any former Don Nelson player,your in the dog house,you live eat and sleep in the dog house.) He has the potential to be a 'Melo type player,I mean the man is a month younger than I am. Wilson Chandler is the third player availabe in this scenario. A DePaul product,this man has been wasting away in NY. He's one of the few players that have been a main stay over the past few years. He has hints of Ariza style athletic ability,as well as back to the basket moves reminicent of the great Pippen. He's no all star,but a 22 he has an intresting future ahead of him,especially under a half court coach,instead of D'Antonis run and gun.
I know the Nugs have been offered this. I know they've also been offered a 2014 first rounder,which yes,is still 4 years away. Im not even sure if America will still be a country by that time,so I applaud their stance. The intresting part become Eddy Currys expiring contract. Yes,technically the number 2 over all pick can still play,but Jesus Christ he's fat. Hes a waste of talent and size,but his contract is up at the end of this season. Virtually a swap of bad contract,though K-Mart will be playing at some point this season,would make this,to me, a no brainer. You also have to factor in Denver being but hurt,and claiming the Knicks did some back alley shuffling...which whatever. Melo wants out,he'll be out by the summer,and will affect the team during the course of that time,so my thought is get rid of him now. Even if you can get two of those players,see if they'll throw in Ronny Turiaf,just to not have this hanging over them all season. Now heres the fun scenario. Lets say they hold on to him until All-Star Weekend,the perverbial marker of the middle of the season and trade deadline. Lets say they've made some smaller trade to this point (i.e. getting rid of J.R.,finding NeNe a new home,or possibly remaind stagnent). Now they can make a run at the playoffs with this current team,so it might be a better idea to wait until this time. Now if theirs an All-Star available at this time,and a team feels it may have a chance to win it all THIS YEAR. Why not rent a player for half a season?

Lets say the Rockets,or my Mavs (this is all hypothetical shits and giggles) Just feel like they have it,but are missing one peice. That scorer who will put you on his back. Lets say the Mavs Caron Butler (or Shawn Marion )expirement isn't jelling,hes coming off the bench,hes down in prodcution. Roddy B (or DoJo) have really turned it on. The first two players contracts are coming off the books,where as the other two players are younger and on rookie salarys. Why not package the expiring contracts,the young player and a couple of first round picks and cash consideration? The Nuggets still conceivably make the playoffs,and can compete with youth and expiring cash. Thier rebuilding this summer regardless. Then the Mavs or whomever can make one last hoorah before their over the hill team crumbles into dust. Simply just a thought. The same can be made for a Miluake type team. Get rid of a Maggette and a couple of young players and salarys and have a charge at the end of the year. Its all hypothetical of course.

Regardless what happens,the nuggets should plan for the future NOW. Chauncey desperatly needs another ring,you can see it in his eyes. Trade him to portland for Bayless and Batum. Trade J.R.,for whatever the fuck you can get. NeNe to Atlanta for Crawford and Teague. Just anything that infuses youth and energy to the orginaztion would inspire hope. And at about now,hope is all you can ask for.

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