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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the horror part one

"Worried about what? Not finishing your sandwich??"

Dawn comes early,bitch.Thats what the sign reads before you get kicked in the nuts by a child. A beautiful 4 year old girl heaves her Hannah Montana light up shoes squarely into your testicals and taint,and BAM! You vomit into a bucket placed inches away from you on the moving sidewalk,another smaller sign said you had to shit in it too. "I dont know why we would need to shit?" my wife said to kick off our ride.The last thing I heard before millions of tellitubbies came and rushed her away. Jesus christ if I got my hands on one of those bastards,I'd ring him dry! Maybe even make it look like a suicide. The next thing I saw was a bathroom stall with a man turned the other way. His ass cheeks spread open,pants taunting around his ankles,let out a vomit of poop that rained gloomed,covered the front part of the platform,the toes of my shoes. I lifted my fists,waived and screamed,but the only thing that happened was music. Missy Elliot put her thing down flipped it and reversed it,until the ride ended. My yells were soundless as a soft gust of wind. The next thing that happened was a thousond pound alligator was released into a water infront of me. A plexiglass sheild raised to block out the water,and better inhance the veiw of the prehistoric annihalator. Slowly it creeked on the railroad and rose in the middle of the pond. The god awful music made it damn near impossible to hear the creature. Until it jumped up over me,like the free willey poster,and broke threw the wall adjacent to me. I could see Tokyo,and the rainclouds over Fuji. The ride contiued and my nightmare increased. A dark tunnel up ahead,was full of teletubies...

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