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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 Dreams this morning

This place use to be a forest. The night sky is never really this bright. Zeus was partying with Jesus,and the people of earth simply laid in fright;such delightful. Worm holes threw funnel clouds did away with locations; Each day another plauge rained down devistation. Thunder was hungry,like a run away train,bound for the lip of a gourge,to display its engines. Brain waves cease here,hush never think a thing. The minds eye is distant,examining the trophosphere. I breath out comets and rushed to mars,to hide amongst the relics of our distant relatives,who shared the same star. Laughing as children,they rushed to my side,the sound was a war cry. I spread out my arm,as my wings pertruded in record speed,gently brushing the attackers from me,I pushed off the sout and quickly made flight,dashing to another part of this galaxy,vast life. Light breathed out to me,even out here,the nebulas seem so much more beautiful as they disappear. I hear humming,a distant chorus,these heavens sing as you pass threw them. I land on saturn,smoke a cigarette that makes me num to the universe. The black holes swallow themselves,and absolute silence is never heard.

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