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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the glass shattered and rained
the children had no say/their parents eagerly rushed them away
sheilding their necks from the splintered spray.
It resembled a home cooked meal,
only diffrence
everyone at the table had been decapitated.
The pavement was covered in specks of snow,lined with cold purple blood as zombies were scooping up the ground and swallowing its contents whole.
A politically charged virus has swept threw, the new newspapers read.
older men hid in photobooths,clutching their queer lovers hand;
never make a move,the camera said.
It seemed the only saftey now was these concentration camps
one where a person could come and think about their transgressions
an old woman turns to her comrad in the line:
"were all sinners,arguing about the concepts of time."
she continues
"were all lying about whats happening,because its all happened before."
A single shot silences the prophet.
a3 semiautomatic,gas operated locking bolt action assault rifle,with a beam scope.
the bucks in the forest trumpeted the sound of a moon
distant from our own,
more rugged and smooth.
amongst the catastrophie,the scenery began to take shape
rugged peaks broke free of old fault lines
and adjusted the skyline to its point break.
Wolves,laying adjacent to the mood.

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