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Monday, September 13, 2010


I spent these days uncultured and unbaised. Lost inside of my own brothers and sisters,its a beautiful vacation. To turn blind eyes to tyrany and replace it with glutony and pornography of all sorts. To spend hours contemplating on how good I would look if I wore this and did THAT to my clothes. I've strained to open my eyes to the truth,but its along the lines of staring into a swarm. I barely sleep anymore,my old bed of nails has been replaced by "memory foam." I can barely think anymore,I read countless newspapers that have words which say nothing; and Im afraid the television dosent say alot more...its possibly easier to slip up then threw written word. The beast of imperialism beats like the sound of war drums,while most of us are to worried about what others post on the internet about our lusts for vanity and self absortion. Apathy rings true as no one does much to circumvent the lies and rumors. Conspiracy theroists have been ridiculed for so long that the mere term sends chuckles out the mouth;but what if theyve finally caught up and one is going for it. This country has become immune to learning,and proccessing thought. Its become useless for those,like I,who want to fight for our constitution. Complacency has replaced christianity and the golden cow is our monarchs. Sports are our communion,and the movies our are second home. I dont even have aspirations at this point,I'am simply ready for civil war. Not against my brethran,no I hope they join my side. Not for liberals or conservatives,or religous sorts. Not against women,or skin color or petty diffrences of that sort. But to the opression that comes from the heads of state,whos venom stings thick. This whole period is at the zenith of corruption,a choice must be made to give in or fight them. I will stand on the battlefeild armed with words,rifles and pens,and take back this land which we stole from the natives,and live in harmony with them. You children are ignorant,as am I,but my allegience falls to no side. I dont side myself with politicans,writers or bands;I'am my own leader,my own decison maker,my own man. I will not see my family on the street begging for food and shelter anymore. It saddens me how weve made our lives these games,putting ourselves against one another for an intolerance of others lives,oh if your "GODS" could see you now. Greed.