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Friday, August 13, 2010


Strange,as though Im taking a risk here. Nevertheless,Im done with it..this whole sense of things. How to live,eat and breathe;and please no human interaction,just creep on them threw a computer funny as I say this with facebook open directly behind the “Pages” screen. Sleep will come at some point tonight,but for now my engines will be burning. A cold summer night and Im left thinking of alibis,of why im so much diffrent,but even more charming. A drone to this colony of aunts and uncles,always pusing their agenda forward,the one that was created by parents infusion of morals...fuck for years I thought I was Jesus...thats just how children are raised. these are the generations who let their guard slip and let this society be pissed out the way it preforms today. Im tired of agendas,so for that reason Ill keep my thoughts at bay. Ive been wandering threw eyes on the road,looking for a lost soul.Possibly mine which I sold to the devil for this God given talent to conceptualize hope. Im almost torn by the fact that I need love and/or dope,and its getting harder to know which path will hold the daylight that is begged by my soul. the computer I yawn and reach for the bottle of sapphire. No early morning breakfast,no lunch,only dinner;I quiver at the thought of being nautious again. I strain out the talk around me of hospitals and old river quarys,and who gets the 5 dollars in his billfold later. Harsh times,kid. Meat grinding down teeth while the rivers weep downstream of where the boulders cant see.Buffalo bring in the spring. Old songs sung by hum as the gin turns to rum and I bust threw the door of the day,the one that leads to anguish and disarray. Explaining to my self that this would all be ok,a hollow tip bullet cut threw to a tumor that had developed in the past several days.

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