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Friday, September 10, 2010


I have this picture in my mind of warping time,running away from all thats cascading. These mountains,showboats and desolate homes remind me of a time when I groaned for petty things (drugs & women) and had not a conciese mind of the things that were all around. I love my family,they simply dont understand. I love my friends and their begining to become older men. We all have ties to what we thought was right,but were also prone to blow thousands of dollars in a night. Cheap whiskey and ciggarettes make me feel better about being this parasetic. No more cannibus anymore,not until the goverment gets off my doorstep,peering into my woes. Hold the loan sharks off a little more,let me change my name and sharpen my sword. Im going home,only this time its night time and theres barely any hope. I wish for crows to peck out my eyes,to die on the feild of learning only seems right. The light from the sun cascades shadows on my corpse,and the only thing now,worth dying for,is her. Her name speaks volumes to my demise;a lady of guadelupe with violent thrusting in those eyes. Make me believe tonight might right its own wrongs,because in these dreams im constantley haunted. I sit at the bar,order a drink,my coworkers pretened to be my friend around me. Lost in a feild of scissors i finally lay down to feel the earth fissure,vomit up blood and hope,and stare at the moon as the brush strokes finally calm me down. Its almost winter now.

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