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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


run threw timetables,statistics and charts
& from this you will discover art.
in all forms of progression and standerds
slandered taped lines of bibles and hand books
guidelines of despair in young mens eyes
breathing heavily,no,never sighing
coldsweat drips from heads and lips
thrusting and heaving,the grinding of hips
I cant even imagine how to explain this
all you ladies clench your boys hand
trading sunshine for pharmecudical pills,
when most people need perscriptions to love.
left alone in a valley of dolls,the old man breaks heave
winter comes after ,and then spring time again
its so hard to imagine that ive been alive since then
anger and ambushed
torn apart and paraded
slice open my veins and see how i differ
hours and minutes spent alone in cars
random streets,blunts and heart to hearts
burning bushes and signs of a holocaust
all swept under the rug with documentrys availabe at cheap costs
i voted for reagen
his thoughts are still in office.
thunder claps as I smile,
the rain drips so fast now its child like
running threw every inch of the yard.
muddy and pale,the wind carries my sales
like an employee of the month,a star.
scream out of your longs and lunge into traffic
speak as I have
with your tounge bashful!
breathe as I do,out of glass tubes!
know what Ive known,egos grow!
learn as Ive learned,never spending a dollar!
burn as I burn,solefull and hollowed !
steal what I have,its all been stolen before!
love as I do,with companions or
compassion bears fruit that is poisonus to the tooth
fall out and rot in your tomb.
Gloom and how it gets that way.
im as cold as a buffalo native.

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