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Monday, August 6, 2012


I thrive on these overcast days...the weight of the world is washed away
in many ways I wish that she was mine,I was hers,because the world is
so common while pusillanimously obscure
the soul of the earth is in her her bones more so
even as the seasons turn I see reason being the lesions upon my brow
cowardly as it sounds,I will back down,because logic dictates mouth
how could one be so loud in the hour of their down fall
crucified to the rudimentary sound
barking out orders as their vessel goes down...
Smaller ships sail from wreckage
& that funny feeling is a signal that the timing is acceptable
yet in every step is a timid retrogold
life lessons
my very essence.
bold sights to behold.
scroll the globe in search of hope
& by GOD you shall find it
and if you act saintly,it shall be found delightful
but remember a rose and a rifle
one has a natrual defense
the other just needs someone to hold it

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