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Saturday, August 11, 2012

an ode

the dirt in these fingernails is a signal that ive set sail from a normal world
lord help me have the courage to disembowel my foes
sew my own clothes
live in trenches with battalions of like minded souls...not in it for the gold.
in it to be molded,
sip from the cup of fate and be elated
because we're all doomed....simply the sad truth...
progression threw defeat
defeated by victory
the moral compass of deceit.
the limits inside of us are created solely by our minds
I find in times of great desperation
my spine becomes diamonds,and my eyes sprout eyes
defining the cosmic analogies
binding tides rise & shape the days which follow
I glide...I can taste the entire world
so I swallow every ounce of pride
and realize

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