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Monday, August 27, 2012


Rent night
hairy potheads picked a plight with tiger-crane style
"should of seen the other guy....sonofabitch lost an eye"
stove top missions got blanked out till winter smiled
fame and fortune is torture to those in denial
even our scouts were down to die over doubts
devout hoods in & out of do-jo's
no could here em wilin for hours at night,,,
reeking havoc on factions from Pompey to Tuskegee
hell to pay was their belief //that's what it was seeming
preaching demons to legions (verbatim) "lets keep peace threw all seasons!"
I am Zeus to this Olympias
my opus is extensive
it serves,at this time,an unknown purpose
no gimmicks
no censorship
no limits
major dividends funnled like canals and rivers
carving new valleys bleeding entrepreneurship
they flow into a vibrant metropolis
it is my mind
a triangle offense
a technicolor landslide of tribal,complex & rudimentery
etchings of open eyes
piles of words all avalible for demise
no...I sip the rain
snort the boulders of each canyon
control my pyroclastic flow
the universe is my companion
the underground is my habitat
my habits & contradictions contract within her vision
but this isnt one of those poems where I mention it
this is dirty diarrhea plague type vomit
squashing problems that never deseved logic
baseball bats that turn assault into parapalegics
the type of words that cause amnesia and make you have that sick feeling
quellings disbelievers since
and its time well spent...thrashed out...passanger seat of a benz
but shit...pocket full of stones...mouth full of buisness.


  1. and suddenly i began to loose my was like a heat wave burning the land an every goddamned person on it i couldn't see myself but yet saw it from angles ive never seen before. SHIT! i yelled shit shit shit! some more. never can verbally express any emotion too much. dropped couple bombs of budder and then, I was on my way......

  2. funneling...I began to slip & dip...wood grain grip,pop trunk and get started as a back woods trip...turned into big city gimmicks.