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Sunday, August 12, 2012

my opened eyes

"I got to go to Dallas!"
said my former lover from the suburbs
the ones I grew up in
the ones that were 30 minutes away from Kennedy's final breathes
an X marking the drive we used to take
smoking blunts the whole way.
The good ol' days,
or before people started dying,
I thought about what she said,the excitment falling out of her head
A thirty minute trip to the big city...where there is homeless
and much prettier humans then the ones in Haltom.
I used to wake up in different cities...big ones too
underneath underpasses in Baltimore,
Atlanta...not that this made me cool,
just added perspective to what it is I do.
loose lips sink ships,and Im in the buisness of telling how it is
spinning words into sentences
end to end.
in ceartin instances I feel wrong about this grave ive dug
the one that forces me to meet new loved ones
to cherish older ones
lumber threw corridors wording every move
even if my family fear my doom
its still nice to be the quietest in the room
to loop instances in and out of your dome
find the reason you roam
then zoom
get into your zone
and grow into the ONE
that YOU have always hoped to
"Thats beautiful!"
I said
I hope your time was spent with your heart in your hand,showing the big world you still
havent given in...reproving to your self that you can be all you
she slid her hand up the backside of me,twisting my hair tightly
grasping my arms,which in her hands
resembled pillars of ivory
and inside of me I felt a quiet party
this heart
my mind
aligned and coinciding
we shine OUR light
guiding each others next moves.
she is GOD
I am too.
Ironically,so are
loose lips drink gin,lovely...especially on these sunny afternoons...
oh how I could spend an eternity inside of you...
in this life we're meant to
but to my open eyes...

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