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Monday, August 6, 2012

c'est la vie

words drip like whiskey off these young lips
small quips keep these ghosts off my dick
zips get R.I.P.-ped up,like generic scripts
but you can blow a zone if need be
it is what it is.
we keep,in and off of lists
my spirit animals a lion
and I have nothing more to say when it comes to this
in a moment every wish I know
will be granted and cloned
doubled by the output of my energy
peeling back the layers from my clothes
you will see the battle scars I don
for ZION
my eyes are on
life is but nothing more then a beautiful coast
if you do the right things and say the right words
sure you could die tomorrow
but their are other worlds
other bodies much like ours
for your soul to encompass
to question
to recharge.
because its hard out here
especially with limitless potential
infenite credentials
if need be
just look deep
and question everything
then you shall seek
because it is the most beautiful process youve ever seen
clean minded
gold hearted
clean starts and coup de ta's

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