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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I'm tired of the re-image

I need something new

but beyond doubt

I want something true

free interest ,simple ruin

valued points of referance

MLA cited

a testament to a theology known as being useful

I'am a muse in a wormhole

a whole lot more knowledge than soul

fractions of a cent to create a whole

holes in the head of the world

subtle nuances get rendered putrid

profit sharing, serendipity in this larynx

humble options, God and country

like were all the same man.

God damn these sentances...saeances in some senses

splintered reality within distance

criminal in its me with these simple ministries

like I was molded in the I was a perfect symphony...exsponged

this exo skeleton is a home...its a single sunflower in overgrowth

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