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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

famish fashion

geeked up

writing while my nose runs

I can barely feel my body

I think this is where I come

when all my sadness turns to roses

bouquet's streaming out of water hoses

women in their Sunday best vomiting rainbows

Gods waiting tables

and hes only visited the table least there's menus & water tho

I think my whole life's a venue with ominous undertones

like whats the point in acting true

if the reality you encompass

isn't perceived to be what people believe is TRUTH

its so hard to wrap my head around the "news"

even word of mouth is confusing

its like I need to see the viciousness

cars mangled and burning

it so hard to figure out sometimes if IM becoming more or less human

whats worse I don't know if Im concerned

I'm wide awake...its almost morning

and the worst is...I don't know what all this mourning is for

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