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Sunday, September 27, 2015

serenity is ministry

simple coincidences

I see you like 17th century paintings

dark with renaissance in your symphony

I have valium rattling around my skull

watching the spike of art as epiphanies

like everything I inject has soul

so blessed to have a fear of needles though

others don't

I watch belts hang around their arms

I guess its better then their throats

probably the same difference I suppose

I see her as the morning sun glows

and my kidneys rumble from the tussle of the night before

every drink feels like a water hose

every speck of sunlight reflects like a rainbow

I know where the pain goes

right where you need it too when the moon glows

that's why we stare into the sun

just to feel something...anything for once

I sit here drained from all the drugs that Ive done

but they've all led me to the poignant muse

life isnt beautiful if its misused

sacrafices of the un-bloomed

I was born to consume


and fuse right back into the gloom

and is but the lust is the movemnent

meet me in the restroom

will snort lines

and tell each other what makes us love fear

what makes us fear love...what binds us to human

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