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Monday, September 14, 2015

no snow town

having a method

one of those extreme mirages

like this whole fads a facade

I like to brag alone

tell myself its going to be purposeful

I listen to the outside world like it cheerful

beams & late summer tourists

but there is death on our borders

and it only seems to get more buried in national news

Im not even sure any I encounter has a clue

my only true hope is for a counter culture revolution

in really whatever sense it means at this point

because our mother is dying // we all have her eyes

such simple little time

so many things have set in motion

but we must act

fact is I can barely follow myself to the sea

higher ground is the only thing that seems to be of good reason

sometimes you just have to drive fast at night

because accidents happen to the ones who are scared of risks

I feel at times it is my only only release

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