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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

headbutt 2k-o

mild recognition

years worth of mistrust

I think its worth a few bumps

I just hate thinking this much.

I see these lessons as a must

solid punches to the gut

that catholic guilt I still somehow encompass

baptist hate.

what makes an "I"...its like I'am continually rediscovering my eyes

see things in every color imaginable...not just black and white

I fight for places to sleep...for things to eat

some times even the darkness has alot of light

these are the things I say to me.

I'm not weak

at least I dont think?

but you can never be to sure

so why blink?

my friends drink,sometimes I join in if I feel lonely

sometimes Im the responsible one who gets everyone home

but mostly

Im the one who dissapears into the night...alone

I guess thats just the way it goes..

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