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Monday, September 14, 2015

I think it was those LSD binges

the fringes of society


in a multi dimensional applied science theory

Prescription junkies

probably started in fourth grade

all the concerta & ritalin

some of moms pain medication...I just liked feeling different ways

I never really paid for anything

even in high school thanks to all the wonderful people who filled my day

hotboxed f150...marijuana brunches...the heart of north Texas...smoke filled lungs

so many exs

some "oh yeahs"

a lifetime of growth

& yet Im still besieged my pride & privelage

such is the death of assimilation

such is the moment of clarity

but again it comes a little to similar to the past

so again,we learn where we begin

where we end

what has been taught

which string has been cut

I see the sunlight with half shut eyes

dreaming about fixes


bricks & chickens.

micro climates that beg constant attention

applied requirements

I wanna be in pittsbugrh again

smoking joints and throwing rocks at trains around the bends

but it seems like we rarely win

ive never been one to sink to the bottom

to believe this is an end

I see nothing in having my wits...theres only time and god I hope it forgives

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