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Monday, September 7, 2015

I left it all on some subway car

in queens...sometimes sunrise gets the better of me

losing all hope in it ever meant anything

I believe it just hinged on a resemblance of belief

I’m back in Denver,years later

still going over what you meant to me


whatever I'm trying to say is just array.

I see the error of my ways was being so brutally honest

when your reality was nothing but truth

you needed something to latch on that was larger in scope then a promise

and much less than a God...a firm belief in an equal who could see as you saw.

I hope you’ve found that

I think I have,but I now understand whats at hand

why everything has been so hard...

how people never leave,they just re appear when things seem hardest

except you...and I hope its not because you think I didnt accept you

you are everything that is beautiful in a human at once

but the forest is a dark one...we all have burdens to bare

I don’t scare very easily...neither do you

I think that’s why we move the way we do

peoples instinctive travels and routes

I hope I see you again...on the other-side of the world...happy in the light you shine so magnificent...being whom you are...doing as you do

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