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Monday, April 6, 2015

I used to be in love with a alcholic

in a lot of ways I still am

I think its those signs of humanity

I find most attractive.

I could die right here in my bed

these perscription medications came without cat scans

just a friends apartment

only lit by the television as a back lamp.

I spent today under a tree

reading Marvel's "Avengers essentials"

thinking about how much 60's america feard communities outside of their "modern" acceptance

really people of color of any kind...any sort of controlled agression.

I know nothing has changed

Tamir,Trayvon,Michael Brown....I cant breathe

I hear screams...I see dreams drown

but anytime I speak...people shake my hand...thank me for making a sound.

Im just a small tenor in a choir who is bound

by media outlets and FBI propoganda...twitter

now the only place truth can be found.

And no this isnt white guilt...this is decency confounded

this isnt about pesos,franks or pounds

but the evil we find so profound.

this isnt about marketing

this is so no more children have to be lead to the ground.

I am a simple hand in the network of shrouds

unmasked...marching aloud

no government can block my path because Ill make my rounds

you think Im afraid of death? seeds have already been sprouted

you think im afraid of jail?

all of my brothers and sisters are in and out

the only decency left has to be bought,sold or found

becareful of the still may catch rounds.

this is the American dream

screaming openly about opression until your lungs fall out

this post orweiliean society

only the truth is stranger then fiction now

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