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Monday, April 6, 2015

live as if a jagged bone stuck out of your wrist

list everything your thankful for on a switch

light the last of your gas

& float until you reach abyss.

Ive been adjusting to medications

striving for meditation in my day to day

funny how this word play sorbet lends itself like sword play

striking necks I had no intentions of engaging

& they think its all about spelling

beat structure...vomiting the same things over n over

I think its all about telling

smelling the fear in your opponents like poperi & pompei

I'm not as old as I once was

but this city pumps nothing but young blood

& we lay in fountains in the shadows of mountains...

unconcerned with other men...other

I could die tomorrow

seeds have already sprouted

I could lend my sorrow

but the trees whisper...begging just to borrow

Montrose,Colorado dances in my rear view

a single ear to the road

a few roaches in the ashtray

just another day of being alone...steering truth

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