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Friday, April 17, 2015

In a random suburb

On a sunny afternoon

Hanging out by the broken fountain

Mountains in my distant views

I think it’s a clue to who I am

The colorful and vibrant hues

The muse that I am

Barely contorted to a fuse

Loose in the jungle of creeps

Keeps me lurking with the blues

A crucial flaw in my plans

No intentions of being misused

But we all are to a ceartin extent

And it’s been a minute since I felt content

Not like I hold contempt in my heart…but it is a clue

Loose in the ally ways

No intentions to lose

Then the helicopters swoop overhead

I wanted the weather not the news
1 note
1 note

Lost to the showers hum

I dream of being somewhere warm

Here on the floor

Thinking if I need to take another valium

If their even helping anymore…

Boats unmoored on a rocky shore

Such is our condition .

Renditions in equality

Revelations of the lonesome

Pint pitchers get passed around

Pitched love gets to action

I’m always asking

She’s always masking her feelings to loved ones

Basking in this so called mum.

Moot points from distant suns

And I feel the light of the sum

Any good son could see the truth

Wether excommunicated

Or bought and used.

I keep thinking I need to make it home

But I was born on the run

During a flash flood

Somewhere in Arlington Texas

No great cemeteries to speak of…shadowed by the mammoths of lust

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