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Monday, April 13, 2015

You can sleep on me as much as you want

I’ll be a nightmare in a few years

Couple more books…jet setting everywhere

It gives me goosebumps doing key bumps

Yung RL Stein of the millinea…never destined to be a millionAire

See me in my element ghost riding a hot boxed element…straight stomping like a elephant on psychedelics till the competition is irrelevant

It’s for my betterMent

Chewing on breath mints

Spitting Icey melodies

Shout out to my cousin melody

RIP uncle rick

Even sewer gators have dreams too…things to lose

That’s why I’m writing reams fool

The goal isn’t to live for ever

It’s to create somthing that could

My boy mush will be here soon

I think that’s what keeps me in high attitude

I know this weed keeping me in high altitude

It’s all about the longitude and latitude

The way you direct your attitude…a direct under standing of religions and the aftermath that insues

Activs on a sunny Sunday afternoon…the only thing that conceals these moods

This pain is a muse

As much as it is a tool

I’ll see you on the other side..when the sun is eclipsed by the moon

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