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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lost in a void

Annoyed by the lack of sun

It started as a beautiful day

Now it’s midday- just fading into dusk

I’ve see the boys on the streets

Playing with their fake guns

The American Dream.

Here on the edge of the slums.

Silence through the noise-

These thoughts won’t be outdone.

I used to live life with fear…

Now it’s closer to love.

I see the portal in the middle of the theatre open up -

I hope it swallows me whole.

Love lost in the after hush

A whole crisp wallet of wrinkled ones..

It’s like I carry this sadness like dust

No coupons…just a picture of myself from kindergarten…and a Valium for if things get tuff

Trying to remind myself I still can be loved…that I was born to be rough

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