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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

all my lovers leave-their dreams are more important then me


most my brothers in & out of the pen

and these kids round here ask why I dont speak...why Im always spending

Used to make phone calls to my kids before the taps

now I just talk to my ma or my straight shooters from childhood-every call mapped.

I had teachers who told me my life was a game of craps

as Hammer said “dont be another statistic”...I just laughed

Its hard being a touch sadistic

especially when youre undeniably prolific...a bit mad

I wish this didnt sound as narcaccistic as it is

but the truth is harder to swallow then half of these fads.
I keep myself in pads

running through the blocks

I just wanna stay out of the pad

I wont waste my life in the cell blocks-ill dissapear before that

I feel like perfect cell,in a beautiful hell I created for myself

formed from my decisions-lack of knowledge of self

I hope one day Ill be lead by the smells

of fresh flowers and gentle rain on a dirt trail...a path which leads to my personal health

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