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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I still human
humiliated to ruins
proof lower tiers can have some use... the bottle is passed around this roof
this tiny bed is a tomb
to some
...complaints strewn about the room
my love
I have no money...but a steady aim and cunning linguistics
yet your eyes keep me from formulating sentences
which is the first time i haven't had a single syllable to spit
and my syllabus for life never informed me of this
falling in love with my best friend could I be granted so many wishes?
so many terrors that strike down my limits
this gut wrenching vomit that sits upon limbic system
controlling every difference as if I were mimicking some instances
but god fucking dammit.
...if you can't see the way you look at me...or the way I look at you
there should be not a single word pursued...actions speak louder I've heard..
but movements keep us starboard...and I couldn't bare the thought to loose you
so my it were...was our night a few months ago...when I told you I loved you
and you didn't speak a word

not that it matters.

it just hurts.

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