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Friday, May 11, 2012


kids trip'pin
I be blunted like I was knee deep in prescriptions
I got limits...
all creditors and broads with visions..
she got digits...I rarely call em,tho...
all this hash got a brothers brim low
eyes swole...mind blown...
like I wasn't use to waking up in different time zones
clones doned out trying to get play,, could I wow with similar lay poems
my athletic prowess resides in my brain,OH! long as I can convey
can't say that
for the rest of you bros.
kinda said when I hear your flows...
aint no fear in this heart...
such bold claims
ways to get you ship wrecked out in candy shop bay
similar plateaus,different games..
but i've been fasting
collecting days on a shroud
clouded in memory...which replays like a dream out loud.
its obscene the things I've seen
these 3rd eye visions...they have my quantum physics limitless
binding me to the tide
birds chirp as I get tummy tucked coming from bum fuck
calamities of some such
but i nut up
its all about how you shine.

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