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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Let us roll now
you and I
let our blunt smoke blaze up the skyline
devine stylistics like a statistician
composite hybrids...lest I mention.
least of all I find attention is my greatest downfall in this microscissim
I sound off,
while pounding down rounds at grand halls
pinch of sawdust...gasoline and orange juice concentrate
big bang...
theories of a modern mage.
wage garnishment and a sense of complacency
consistently replacing the things I see
in and out of brain waves & deceit
defeating the demons who hound me constantly
tragically,the only tragedy that effects me is random ODs
and the D.O.C's
thats why my J O B
is keeping myself unseen
clean...grimey type word schemes
Im a ma fuckin' fiend for luxury.

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