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Thursday, April 19, 2012 it begins in this old house....somewhere around twilight... Its somewhat familiar. It reminds me of a composite of Lakewood, Colorado (where I'am at the moment) & Arlington, Texas(where I was born). Its incredibly dark...and by that I mean everything. Shadows creep into every crevice and corner...even in lighted areas. Theres incredible foliage...miles of vines covering the houses...huge trees...healthy,lush & full vibrant forest green grass. I'm standing outside with,whom I would assume, are more real discernible features or personalities...teetering on the edge of props. The clear sky then explodes from certain areas with a few stars had gone supernova ...but then there was this sound...a huge sonic boom, for some reason I recognized it as "entering the atmosphere" or that moment I wasn't sure...the clear sky gave way to storm clouds with such unimaginable ferocity and & my companions hurried that moment the storm clouds were teeming and seething with electricity...the lightning bolts danced around the clouds so instinctively and effortlessly...the entire sky was energy,and it was emitting otherworldly colors...pulsating blue and pinks...maroons...I clearly remember standing behind the others,who were joined by some "parental" figure ( I assume) their sillouttes are dimmed by the commotion in the sky...and just like that a pulsating beam of energy,or spacecraft of some sort barrels threw the clouds...almost directly in the spot of where the large sound had come rushed over the house filling the entire dwelling with light...I then rushed out the front door to watch it land...completely disregarding the magnificent peril that lay out of that front door... as I opened the door I saw a whole city engulfed in flames...the lightning and colors still swirling around...and then nothing... suddenly its morning...Im covered in sweat on a hot cobblestone street in what seems to be jerusalem...or some middle eastern country...I am huddled over in a ball dry heaving the contents of my body onto the floor...

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