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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


post modern setback
flawless victory for checks cashed
lush trash in debt fast
gurillea tactics in head wraps

mad jazz in the bread stash
untaxed & half haz
yet I'm in over my head & brash
ghost in a matrix of mixed bags.

lego of my head stash
i need to feel alive as...
the dying side proprietor of philosophy and left hands
hire..HIRE! now deciphering a boasting deaf like coke feds

shedding the tread from this brain I encompass like boat meds
flailing like shapes on a DMT rompus and L fad
function will trumpet my skull like a pumpkin and scar masked
that carriages this glass slipper to sippers on this ill fitting purity rag

though I sing in the night...

I am but a wrapper

trapped in the power lines...

stained by the process of why..