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Sunday, April 29, 2012

this patience is lunacy
if I practiced what I preached I wouldn't be interfering in things
no such things as normal cases...I way the wages and how they attest to these days
eyes like oilspills...and I'm filled with pain
I wish you could see this brain...the way it burns like a lake....
the obligations I have to GOD and the way I was made..
faint trust...yet...Im still catching waves as I break north
west...where ever this compus rose brings it is..
these old friends...with so many new problems
the upward struggle
as if i was confident....
in reality I'm just arrogant and lost...trying to piece together fragments of these thoughts
no plots...I just can't bare the thought of losing you
...and this to me is the most damnig proof
but is it truth?
do I really care.
do I ever do...
Im carried on the winds of your love..the trails of loose fitting tuxs
is a sign that I am one man...who gives as much as he gets
but can barely even afford..anything

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