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Friday, March 4, 2011

to a pal

If I were to adequatley disect my life into a serious portion of time
my mind would be laid waste as if I had never been high
the disguies we wear says nothing to our charecter
our hearts speak little to our actions of valor
but youve never seen two more beautiful individuals
as charesmatic
and sad as these two
I swear
this girl is what my minds eye developed over time
shes become the most beautiful thought in which I tend to reside
I want to save her from THAT life
the one weve lived.
endless hours of benzodiazepene blitzenkregs
car wreck after house arrest after court after making ma and pa feel like shit
I get it,I always have
if you want somthing dont let even GOD step in your path
my eyes
wreckless,wild and desperate i leave home to find you could neverescape being you
hours in colorado jail cells followed by hours of house arrest
but I set up the trap...pharmecudicals washed down with jack
crown royal black.
blunts kept me sane...but the piss tests gave me away
I swear youve never been to where Ive been...but youve seen it all the same way I have
so tonight as you rest your head on that lovely matress
remember the groud is a soft as it has to be
and we can be anywhere in the world..wide eyed..looking to the tops of trees
splattered in sunlight
you and me

1 comment:

  1. Pee tests? How intrusive! Hopefully, they include free medical screening with that as an efficiency measure.

    Thanks for the poem - enjoyed.

    Peter G.