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Monday, March 7, 2011


These pirate missions are getting old
im drinking beers in the kitchen with all my best friends ive never known
I see them come home...tired and underestimating the gravity of their manifestation
and the weight of the world.
I do too,but I keep pushing threw alley ways and dark streets lined by the moon
death and gloom apropriates its stance...blank faces...long drives
Im standing on the clouds dancing naked with billions of beautiful women
im not winning,nor am I lucky
I am in control of my own destiny.
I am a lion treading this sea
wide eyed we make are way threw these athens nights
those columbus days
these charlottesville dusks
all in a denver mindstate
huddled by the fire of a bic and warmed by a bottle of reserve
a bullet threw the temple of rewards
Ive been poorer when I could afford the world
ive never been as rich as I am now
I give my love to the source
and to the mountains of course
and to my certified interprative guide whos name is not important at the moment

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