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Monday, March 7, 2011

came up on a freight train headed no where I needed to be
old days turned into new ways to associate this reality
I break and strive to be less apart of the seem
but more I see that Im just unplugged from a matrix formed genius as could be
more apart of the strugle I am now than I ever planned to be
but thats my calling
Its been a weird few even weirder week
if i could be truthful for a second its everything I wanted my life to be
not easier
cheap whiskey does me fine
beautiful women with no make up who sing the blues make me smile
I used to be afraid of change
now i survive on it
i am as trusting as baby moses on the nile
im riled up and ready to wrap leather around these knuckles
step into an arena thats been since
and dance began

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  1. I like the 'trusting and riled' attitude. that's the way...