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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I like girls who are named after australia!

Im losing my mind,im sure of it.
simple as sunshine
I gone and falled in beautiful trouble with the other half of my head
I keep wanting to write her name on everything that I own
which I aint own much,but my trust is enough to claim as a dependent on my EZ form
as long as her names just as lame as my alter egos signature
dont worry we aren't stupid about our tomfoolery,we'll get them legally changed,then start our own religion for tax purposes as
all great businessmen do...Look at Elron Hubbard
or Joseph Smith....or that Justin Beiber dude.
these days thats few and far between
these scum bags Id call cum guzzlers if I had less respect then a man of my stature MUST possess...BECAUSE IM BETTER THAN THAT...I write in all caps so the fucking GOVERNMENT WILL SEE ME!! I sail covertly with across these high i70 seas!
they already do and know where we live,where we work,what we eat,what porno you bait to in the front room when you kick everyone one out of the room for "extra time alone",or the whinebeago...or whomever couch.
solitaire my fucking nut-sack,FAKE MEN of america
just give us 20 dollars so we can go get a dime sack and some cheap scotch to knock back
lost sailor you claim to be a saint of circumstance.
little wiggers yell obsenities to the poor black homeless man
because were N****S too! they scream in their ghetto ass 2003 sedan with walmart rims and a jank system bumpin lil'flip because their other 3 systems have all been sold to some hard working individuals who only deal in cash.
In their ghetto ass pools,grill-in up some ghetto ass food with their ghetto ass 16 and preagnut girl who vomits drama because she has two idols
hillary clinton and snookie
throw in some ghetto ass jams
and you get real life,ghetto situations.
which is cool for most kids,
I respect it
It takes a brave man to take on the prison system from the inside out
clever as shit too
myself I couldn't do it.
money dosent solve hunger for knowledge
or manipulation of time and space.
it deletes it from your homepage.
Suddenly trips and learning is unavailable.
"experts say humans only use 10 % of their brain."
OK TV! documintation? pff. WHO HAS TIME TO READ!

wheres my black berry? i need some time on the toilet seat.

the downstairs dimes dropped coins like science fair projects
the ones that the kids had to much or to little to deal with
after all the walls had dripped nectar of pine trees and rested in the memories of mythology before the world got turned off to this sub reality.
inter-zone fashion parties started springing up before screenings of the newest hip movies and people became covered in warhol tattoos,dali mustachios and any style of clothing from the roaring twenties to 1992
spiel-berg becomes god and george bush is mercifully crucified to a giant stuffed bear
this is not the habitat i envisioned.
I keep thinking im waking up in different generations..then I just realize everyones as confused as me
or more in tune than me...or am I in my own tune? Have we really put a hundred babies inside of a tomb?
we are in a cultural renaissance that is as non shalant as the enron collapse
Ive had it with this charade of pig in make up facts that separates just the same as slavery & immigration are coverups of a more hidden want me to tell you what that is? jesus get off your blog roll and do some fact searching
the world is bigger than a television screen...oops clumsy screen...and in three dimensions
sweet sugaree!
tell everyone you knew me by name,and after that let us run into the fields naked,covered in war paint that is simply meant for play,we gave way to the thoughts of yesterday,but that dosent mean enemies will not drown in rattlesnakes.
Ill tell them weve shared more then mirrors and sweatshirts
that in crowded bars I watched you dance by yourself
that were always able to freeze time in moments than need to be relished
we gaze down the wells in the middle of each of our eyelids
if our car skidded off a cliff wed be holding hands and laughing at the nonsense of it
until we finally whispered good bye and gave up to the impact of it
then our souls combined and we floated off into a supernova
millenniums wed travel until we found a spot to rest
build a galaxy of our own hand in hand
as we watched our friends do it with their devine love,or by themselves,wed see all our solar system go to

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