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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


domes of venus why do you lay awake
in plain veiw I notice you but few of my other brothers and sisters do
in a galgtic collapse which pockets of what pants will i have these hands in
the one with ten rings around ten saturns
pull over fare...wink...ghost
out here in the cold purple street toasts and cheers to the many dilatonts
toothless grinned and stories of sin bask in the open full mooned night
I found a girl and laid a pearl necklace around her breasts
open festering wounds on the lips of my bold faced truths
a sphynx querried by an early afternoon
more irritated by a chamelion coop
lying babboon.
wear your garments of creamy white kilts best fit for winter after glooms
never mention the carrage full of children you sold for no cost
just room
and bored axe hacks at the bossum that carried the spawn of satan you took part in manifesting
carressing a bold faced fiance for the afternoon
I was the bridesmade when the bomb blew the wedding party into the broom
a dustpan and rough handed take over of an otherwise wonderful party for

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