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Monday, March 7, 2011

a little poem i read to myself every morning

The universe is a genie,a God...Allah...Buddah
it shows us how to live as others tell
Though never loose faith in the words of others.
They are the mouth peice of the source of our powers
Fear is the heart of LOVE
so be always afraid and always in love
but never let one dictate your path.
Be naked on this journey
clothed and ready for the apocalypse...or a sanwich
for the world
the words
& a warmth
some describe as GOD others The DEVIL!
is among us wether you trust it or not
be observant of both names
trust your head to the energy
because YOU
like ALL
Shall forget
be blinded and scorned
tossed into an abyss of vanity and every worldly possesion you wanted to afford
never forget the roots of your tree
never put a golden calf in front of me,your brothers,sisters
or yourself.

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